Wheelchair Bus

Wheelchair Bus

If you are need to transport wheelchair bound passengers, you will inevitably need a wheelchair bus or some other vehicle designed for this purpose. Having a church bus, Mini Bus, Limo Bus, Shuttle Bus, Wheelchair Bus, Propane Bus, 15 passenger bus for your organization can make the life of those who are physically challenged much more enjoyable as they are allowed to get out and about with the rest of your group. Wheelchair vehicles are generally broken down into 2 categories:

I. Wheelchair Bus

A well equipped wheelchair bus should come configured with a few essential items. The primary function of a wheelchair bus is to transport those who are wheelchair bound. Therefore, a wheelchair lift is critical. There are several manufacturers of wheelchair lifts such as Braun, Ricon and Maxon. These lifts are often built to handle lifting up to 800 lbs. Wheelchair buses can be configured to carry as few as 1 wheelchair or up to 10 or more wheelchairs. Along with the wheel chair lift, wheel chair tie downs are essential for securing the wheelchair in place during transport.  Another important feature of a wheelchair bus is to have a low first entry step for those who may not be wheelchair bound, but still have difficulty getting in and out of a vehicle. Slip-resistant flooring is another important feature to have in a wheelchair bus. Grab entrance rails and overhead grab rails are also very helpful

II. Wheelchair Van

For those needing only to carry a single wheel chair, purchasing a wheelchair van might be the best option. Wheelchair vans can generally only accommodate only 2 wheelchairs at the most. The vans can be configured in two different ways. The van can be outfitted with a rear entry ramp which is a much longer ramp and generally does not have a lift associated with it. Wheelchair passengers are normally wheeled in by another person or the person in the wheel chair could wheel themselves into the van. The side entry option is the most common option on wheelchair vans. Some advantages to using the side entry wheelchair van is the ability for wheelchair passengers being able to sit in the front seat as well as offering more room inside the van.

Whatever your situation is, Carpenter Bus Sales has dedicated sales staff to help you find the best solution for your needs. Call us today and let us help you find the perfect wheelchair vehicle!

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Don’t Take Our Word For It, Hear It From Our Customers:

ross Wheelchair Bus testimonial

Ross G.

Local Church Pastor
ross Wheelchair Bus five star review

“Our experience with this transaction was excellent. Our salesman did an outstanding job of answering all our questions and keeping us informed of the process. He was great to deal with. Our salesman was very familiar with our needs as a church and helped guide us to the perfect bus for our situation. I am sure we will be talking to Carpenter the next time we are on the market for a multi-passenger vehicle.”

susan Wheelchair Bus testimonial

Susan J.

Senior Care Director
 susan Wheelchair Bus five star review

“Working with Carpenter Bus was a real joy. Bryan was very attentive to our needs in the senior care industry. He took the time to explain each feature on the bus and how it would help me serve my seniors best. He was also very insightful in helping us secure the best financing solution, which saved us money in the long run. I can highly recommend Carpenter Bus Sales to any senior care community!”

james Wheelchair Bus testimonial

James K.

Shuttle & Limo Company
james Wheelchair Bus five star review

“The relationship developed between our limousine business & Carpenter Bus Sales is a strong one. From our very first meeting, our salesman understood the product and our needs at all levels. The service after the sale was top notch. When we needed something they were there to serve. It continues to be a pleasure to do business, and we look forward to a great partnership with Carpenter Bus Sales.”

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