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The flooring on your bus is the foundation for safely getting in and out of your bus and Carpenter Bus Sales has plenty of bus flooring options for you to choose from. From the factory, buses usually come with a black ribbed floor, however we like to upgrade the flooring to make it both easier to clean and safer. The safety flooring we like to use consists of a unique patented construction, with aggregates of both quartz and diamond hard silicon carbide blended through the product (not simply top coated.) This ensures a slip resistant, durable and easy to clean floor, making Altro Transflor ideal for busy shuttle buses. With several shuttle bus flooring options available, Carpenter Bus Sales can help you pick the perfect flooring option for your specific application.


Benefits of Altro™ and Gerfloor™ Safety Flooring

  • Superior wet & dry slip resistance helps prevent slips & falls and exceeds ADA standards
  • An integrated bacteriostat prevents the growth of harmful bacteria & microorganisms
  • Altro Easyclean stain resistant technology makes the floor easy to maintain
  • Low weight, results in fuel savings
  • Quartz aggregate provides excellent wear resistance and durability
  • Contains post-consumer recycled content
  • Heat welded seams create a waterproof surface that prevents subfloor damage & eliminates the need for unsightly seam moldings
  • Dual glass firber scrim provides for excellent strength, flexibility and dimensional stability
  • Highly durable – retains appearance and performance for the life of the floor
  • Full range of moldings, step nosings, adhesives, sealants, weldrods, caulking, installation tools, maintenance supplies & other accessories are available
  • Available in 2 meter wide (6’7″), 2.2 mm thick rolls and backed by a 12 year warranty
  • Available at all OEM’s
  • Warehoused in North America


shuttle bus Flooring-Options

altro wood flooring

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