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At Carpenter Bus Sales, it is always our earnest desire to make sure we “go the extra mile” for our customers. We understand that without customers, we would not have a business. We have had the privilege of selling buses all across the United States and around the world. For over 60 years we have made it our goal to provide quality transportation at an affordable price. Below you will be able to hear from some of our customers on how we’ve treated them. We look forward to the chance of earning your business.Henry Headden - President & Owner

Below are just a few of the customer reviews from our satisfied customers who have chosen to work with Carpenter Bus Sales.


I wanted to take a moment of your time to provide you with some positive feedback on my most recent service experience. As a retiree with over 40 years’ experience in planning and executing customer experience strategies, (resulting in being a “tough” service critic) I find it imperative that I share some feedback with you.

First, Stephanie in your service area is a rock star in providing a level of service that not only met but exceeded my expectations. My daughter purchased a used carpenter bus about 2 years ago for mobile pet grooming. There was a problem with the electric doors not shutting completely and she asked if I would call to see if you might schedule an appointment. I called and spoke with Stephanie who advised that the service department was scheduled out till the 21st of December. She didn’t stop there. She advised she would check to see if it would be possible to “drop by” when my daughter was in town and that she might be able to have someone look at it during a break waiting on parts, etc. We then jointly came up with a mutual solution that if the bus was sitting at your location, the chances of having someone look at it was increased. With that we re-scheduled some dog grooming and advised we would bring in Thursday morning. In addition, we advised that she needed the bus for Monday and due to the distance we live from your location, we would need to pick up sometime Friday afternoon.

Now to specifics on the level of service I felt was worth mentioning.

  • Each time I called, she recognized my phone number and called me by name before I could introduce myself and always spoke with a sincere level of interest and empathy.
  • She completely understood our dilemma in that the bus is used for business purposes and the need to have optimum up time and always stressed her willingness to find a solution.
  • She always advised of what steps and actions she was going to take and ALWAYS followed through in doing just that.
  • She always advised she would keep her service manager in the loop in the event he might be able to help with the scheduling of resources.
  • responsive to my situation and then worked on how to find the resolution
  • She was always professional and gave you a sense of confidence that if it could be done, it would in fact be done.
  • If I left a voicemail (providing vin number, type of bus, etc.) she always called me back to confirm that she had received the message. Both my wife and I felt like we were getting special attention.

I also know that the “team” mirrors those that they work for. It is for that reason that I want to thank you both and to express my appreciation for leading a service team that provides a level of service few companies exhibit today.

Dave Barnwell on behalf of Meg’s Pet Makeovers

Santa Rosa CA

“Our representative, Rich, was ‘blown away’ with his complete satisfaction and gratitude for Carpenter’s helping him get set up and established as a customer. He described you and your people as friendly, professional and supportive. His experience with your dealership was the exact opposite of our last bus dealer.”

North Carolina

“My wife and I were traveling in our RV from NC across the southern states when heard my brakes scrubbing. I contacted the nearest Ford dealership to have them look at it, but they could not work me in for a week. They recommended Carpenter Bus Sales in Elm Mott, TX. I called and spoke with Clayton, who was very professional and friendly and told him what was going on. He said bring it on in and they would take a look at it. Because we weren’t towing a car to get around, Clayton lent us his truck so we could go get some breakfast. When we arrived back at shop they had already pulled the RV in and were working on it. Within an hour they came to us and gave us a very detailed explanation of what was wrong. Without going into all the details, let me just say this: Carpenter Bus Sales put a new meaning on customer service. Everyone treated us out-of-towners like we were their neighbors, or even like family. Mike, Clayton, Steve and the other techs were so courteous and professional. Also, the office staff, Katie and Jessica, were so nice to us. All this was done in about 5 hours in which they completely rebuilt the back brakes – new rotors, pads, all seals bearing and new calipers – and new pads on the front. They even did a 23-point inspection, checking all fluid levels and even cleaned the battery terminals. All of this will make our travels safer. Very friendly, very professional and very hospitable!”

Clarksville TN

“I would like to personally that you, Mr. Headden, for the excellent service I received from my salesman, John Maines. John proved himself to be a man whose first priority was the quality of assistance given to me from the very beginning of our purchase.”

Petersburg TN

“I can give you one huge reason to do business with Carpenter Bus Sales. Today I was driving in Franklin taking a friend to her doctor’s appointment when I hit some strips of metal strewn across the highway. In a few miles my tire went flat. I was lucky and blessed to make it to Carpenter Bus Sales. I walked in and told them what happened hoping they could recommend someone to come out and fix the tire. Henry Headden, the president, came out on the lot to look at my tire. Before I knew it, we were escorted into the lobby while the shop was quickly changing my tire. They even checked the other tires for possible damage. I offered to pay for all their work, but they would not accept it. Mr. Headden was so kind and amazing as were the rest of the people there. That short, unexpected incident was so thoughtful and kind. Because of their amazing ethics, my friend made it to her appointment on time. I will never forget their genuine caring. This is a company I would trust and be happy to do business with. Thank you everyone at Carpenter! That made such a difference in our day. We are two very grateful travelers.”

Pageland SC

“The folks at Carpenter Bus were extremely helpful and diligent in serving us. The entire purchasing process was stress free and your staff are to be commended for your professionalism and courteous approach. We will be happy to recommend your fine company to other churches.”

Morganton NC

“Thanks to Mike Brasher and Carpenter Bus Sales, our church is now equipped with a great bus! Our church would highly recommend Mike & Carpenter Bus Sales to any church, business, or individual needing a product they offer.”

BatonRouge LA

“Dan Henderson is definitely an asset to your company. He knows the buses, is courteous, well-mannered, customer oriented an a real professional. Excellent transaction. He did a great job explaining the workings of the bus as well as the paperwork and warranties.”

Chandler AZ

“Working with Carpenter Bus was a real pleasure. Our salesman was very knowledgeable about all of their products. He guided us to the proper bus for our needs. When we met in Franklin for closing, he made the experience that day very pleasant. We look forward to our next bus purchase with Carpenter Bus Sales.”

Orlando FL

“This was our second time purchasing a bus from Carpenter Bus Sales and the second time buying was as easy and enjoyable as the first! The pictures and description on the Internet was excellent. This helped our “sight-unseen” purchase decision easy. John Adams was very friendly and informative.”

Boston MA

“Excellent and very professional service. Your office staff and book-keeping department was amazing! Thank you for everything! This was a very good experience from start to finish. Thanks to all at Carpenter Bus Sales!”

Houston TX

“This was our second purchase of a Starcraft Allstar from Carpenter Bus Sales. We are very pleased with the professionalism of our salesman, to the point of calling him “friend”. Any future purchases will be through you.”

Los Angeles CA

“Henry Headden, at the helm of Carpenter Bus, is so nice and easy to work with. He treated us honestly and fairly. He took the time to answer all of our questions and treated us like we were family. Thank you for your southern hospitality!”

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