Delivery Thank You


Before you click off of this page, check to see if you received a confirmation e-mail from Clay in your inbox. It should be there within minutes (usually seconds) after hitting the submit button on the previous page.

If you received the confirmation e-mail, you are finished and free to click off of this page.

If you did NOT receive the confirmation e-mail, YOUR FORM HAS NOT GONE THROUGH and Clay will not have received it.  ❶ Hit the “back” button on your browser; all your information should still be filled in.  ❷ Click submit again, and see if the confirmation e-mail comes to your inbox this time.  ❸ If not, hit “back” button again and repeat.  ❹ If you try this up to 5 times and still have not received the confirmation e-mail in your inbox, click the “back” button one more time and print the information and place on Clay’s desk (or copy/paste all the info into an e-mail to Clay).

Thanks for filling out the delivery request form, and taking steps to double-check that the submission has gone through.  Clay will get in touch with you to confirm and finalize details.

Click here to submit another delivery for Tennessee.

Click here to submit another delivery for Texas.


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