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If you have a bus that you want to sell or trade, call Richard Graves at 1-800-370-6180, x240, and let us make you an offer.  We’re looking for passenger buses less than 10 years old with less than 100,000 miles with passenger capacity between 12 and 46 (not the larger coach buses or school buses). At Carpenter Bus Sales, we understand how difficult it can be to sell a bus and the good news is we can help. We buy buses from several different industries and various organizations. We have a trained staff that can give you an accurate idea about what your shuttle bus is worth in real world dollars. Give us a call and we can help take that bus off your hands.

To get started, fill out our Used Bus Evaluation Form below.  You will need to send us at least 6 photos (4 Exterior – both sides, front and rear – and 2 Interior – front to rear and rear to front).

I look forward to talking with you.

Richard Graves
Used Bus Manager
800-370-6180 ext. 240


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