Special Order Wheel Chair Vans

Carrying people in wheel chairs does not have to be a hard task. There are several wheel chair van options to choose from. There are several reputable wheel chair van conversion companies who can build and customize a vehicle that meets the needs of your specific organization. Generally speaking, wheel chair vans will normally carry one or two passengers. If you need something that can carry more than 2 wheel chair passengers, we would suggest you look at a wheel chair bus which can accommodate more wheel chair passengers. The following is a list of lines that we carry.


Mercedes™ Metris™

wheel chair vansMercedes-Benz Metris WAV – Wheelchair Accessible Van is an ADA compliant, single wheel chair van designed to carry your passengers in comfort and security. Built on the trusted Mercedes™ chassis, this vehicle will serve your needs for years to come. The Metris WAV is unique in that it comes outfitted with a tensioning system that helps with both loading and unloading a wheelchair passenger. The Mercedes™ Metris™ also features a secure 4-point tie down system. To learn more download a Mercedes™ Metris™ brochure. 

Ford™ Transit Connect™

wheel chair vansThe Ford Transit Connect™ ADA accessible minivan is another great solution to carrying your passengers who are confined to wheel chairs. This vehicles comes with the very useful “FlexFlat” ramp technology and can carry one wheel chair and up to five ambulatory passengers. Another great feature of the FlexFlat design is that it is able to create a usable deck (when not in use similar to a standard mini-van) to be able to store all kinds of things including: boxes, personal luggage, golf clubs and so much more. To learn more download a Ford™ Transit Connect™ brochure. 

Toyota™ Sienna™ Mini-Van

wheel chair vansThe Toyota™ Sienna™ wheelchair van is another great option for those looking for a single wheel chair van. The Toyota™ name is synonymous with quality and their vehicles have been a mainstay in America for more than 40 years. Many of their engines have seen over 1,ooo,ooo miles. This sort of dependability makes this ADA compliant vehicle a reliable choice for you. With an impressive 22 mpg, this vehicle is sure to save you money over the life of this wheel chair van. To learn more download a Toyota™ Sienna™ mini-van brochure.

Dodge™ Grand Caravan™ Mini-Van

wheel chair vansThis ADA compliant mini-van is one of the most popular wheel chair vans on the market today. One unique feature to this vehicle is the two bucket seats on the second row which brings added comfort to your passengers. If you need more seating, you can add a 3rd row bench seat as well. Like the Ford™ Transit Connect™, this ADA compliant mini-van comes equipped with the “FlexFlat” ramp system, which when not in use, can double as a storage area for cargo, boxes and so much more. To learn more download a Dodge™ Caravan™ mini-van brochure.

Braunability™ Chrysler Pacifica™ Mini-Van

wheel chair vansChrysler vehicles have been around for almost 100 years in the United States. The Braunability™ mini-van is one of the few side entry wheel chair vans available today. With a simple touch of a button, the widest and strongest ramp on the road deploys for easier entries and exits. The Pacifica™ also boasts the most spacious cabin interior of any wheelchair van offered today. This spaciousness makes for obstruction-free maneuverability for even the largest wheelchairs.

Dodge™ ProMaster™  Wheel Chair Van

wheel chair vansThe Promaster™ wheel chair van is one of the most efficient full size vans on the market. It comes with a kneeling system to help make entry and exit of the vehicle smoother. This ADA compliant van offers the option of more than 1 wheel chair to be carried. The Promaster™ comes in either the 1500 or 2500 versions. The manual ramp used on the this van offers a significant price reduction over other vehicles in this category. With front wheel drive, the Promaster™ is great in snowy conditions.  If you are looking for a van to carry multiple wheel chair passengers and not break the bank, give the Dodge™ Promaster™ a serious look. To learn more download a Dodge™ Promaster™ wheel chair van brochure.

Ford™ Transit™  Wheel Chair Van

The Ford™ Transit™ wheel chair van is one of the most sold paratransit vehicles in America. This rear-wheel drive vehicle can be built with either rear entry or side entry. Like the Promaster™, this paratransit vehicle can carry more than just one wheel chair passenger. Also on this vehicle comes standard with four point retractable tie downs as well as storage bags. The Altro™ non-stick flooring is slip resistant and is a breeze to clean. The entrance grab rail also makes loading and unloading of your ambulatory passengers much easier. To learn more download a Ford™ Transit™ wheel chair van brochure.

Mercedes™ Sprinter™  Wheel Chair Van

wheel chair vansThe Sprinter Smartliner Wheelchair Accessible Van (WAV) is one of the largest wheel chair vans available. This vehicle offers seating for nine ambulatory passengers as well as two wheel chair passengers. Mercedes-Benz™ is one of the most luxurious brands around the world and their paratransit vehicles carry that same quality and finish. The seven rear seats some in Black Leatherette to match the driver and co-captain seats. The black Altro™ flooring in this unit is slip resistant and very easy to take care of. To learn more download a Mercedes™ Sprinter™ wheel chair van brochure.


Regardless of whether you need to carry just one wheel chair passenger or many, Carpenter Bus Sales can help you find the perfect wheel chair solution to meet your needs. Please give us a call and let us help you get the transportation you need!

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