Starcraft Starquest

Starcraft Starquest

The Starcraft Starquest is the sleekest bus in the Starcraft stable of products. The bus is a low-profile commercial bus that is both highly-maneuverable and has a lower price point. One of the things that sets the Starquest apart from other buses in the bus industry is it’s distinctive aerodynamic look and low-profile construction. With it’s dual rear wheels, the Starquest handles like a dream and is very easy for even novice drivers to get accustomed to.

The Starquest comes standard with a ton of features not found on it’s lower priced brethren such as the Starlite and the Xpress model buses. The interior of the Starquest is also noticeably wider than the Starlite and the Xpress. The bus can be configured to carry multiple wheel chair stations which is a great selling feature to senior care communities and churches with large numbers of patrons in wheel chairs. Without a doubt, the Starcraft Starquest sets the standard in luxury, style and drivability, making it one of the top buses for the money in the industry today.


Here are some of the Starcraft Starquest’s Standard Exterior Features

  • Aluminum exterior sidewalls
  • Front and rear fiberglass caps
  • Fiberglass skirts, driver / co-pilot running boards, and rear bumper cover
  • One-piece seamless FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) roof
  • Electric actuated passenger entry door with full length glass
  • 36” high x 36 wide frameless solid (no t-slider) tempered safety glass windows with climate control tint
  • Rear mud flaps
  • Sealed LED front, rear, side LED marker lights
  • Sealed LED stop, tail, and turn signal lights with incandescent reverse lights
  • Exterior graphics package available in three colors (blue, green, or burgundy)
  • Low profile 110” exterior height • 11.5” ground to first step
  • Fully welded steel cage construction meeting all applicable FMVSS requirements
  • 88” wide exterior body width

Here are some of the Starcraft Starquest’s Standard Interior Features

  • 15 passenger capacity (including driver)
  • Mid high passenger seats with vinyl or olefin cloth upholstery
  • 74” interior floor to ceiling height
  • Welded floor and wall seat track for flexible seating
  • Black ribbed rubber aisle with gray carpet under the seats
  • 5/8” plywood flooring
  • Padded cloth walls and ceiling
  • White step nosing
  • 45,000 BTU/HR passenger area heat and air conditioning
  • Printed circuit board with automotive type fuses and LED trouble shooting lights
  • Incandescent driver and passenger area lighting
  • Safety package (fire extinguisher and back-up alarm)
  • Seat belts

Here are some of the Starcraft Starquest’s Most Popular Options

  • Stainless steel wheel inserts
  • Luggage Storage areas (interior luggage racks, rear storage area)
  • Rear emergency door with window(s)
  • Dual compressor rear air conditioning system with higher cooling capacity
  • Rear floor heaters
  • Complete rubber flooring
  • Passenger grab rails
  • Audio and video systems
  • High back seats
  • ADA wheelchair lifts and securement systems
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