Solving Their Parking Problem

How Carpenter Bus Helped Sugar Creek Baptist

Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land, TX has experienced explosive growth over the last decade. The church, just outside of Houston, is one of the largest Southern Baptist churches in the entire United States. However, all of the growth the church has seen has not been without its share of problems. One major problem that has been an inconvenience for the church is the parking or lack thereof.

It is not uncommon for larger churches to rent large travel coaches each Sunday to help with passengers having to park off campus. Sugar Creek does not want to turn anyone away and try to make room for all to be able to attend. In fact, over 90 countries are represented in the membership of Sugar Creek Baptist Church. The weekly attendance at Sugar Creek Baptist is between 10,000 and 12,000 people. Trying to find parking spaces for all of those people has proven to be a good problem, but a major problem to solve.

When Bruce Ammons, the church’s executive pastor, reached out to Carpenter Bus, we were more than familiar with these types of issues. After listening to the specific needs and how the buses were going to be used, Rick Cassels, the bus specialist for southeast Texas, was able to help Sugar Creek find a solution. Eventually, Sugar Creek decided on a solution that included eleven 25 passenger mini buses for sale for the majority of riders and three low floor buses designed to accommodate passengers with special needs. “We just felt that if we were going to solve our parking problems, we wanted to do it in the most economical and cost effective way,” said Bruce Ammons. “By choosing to lease the buses instead of purchase, we were able to acquire the buses without large capital expenditures.”


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