25 Passenger Bus

25 passenger bus for sale25 Passenger Bus – Great for Medium Size Groups

For those groups or churches who are looking for something larger than a 15 or 20 passenger bus, a 25 passenger bus is the next logical vehicle to look at. Almost all bus manufacturers build out a bus configured to carry 25 passengers including or not including the driver. Companies like Starcraft, Ameritrans and Glaval and many others build these medium size buses. Once people discover one simple truth about 25 passengers buses vs 15 passenger buses, their choice of which to buy becomes a little easier. The main advantage of purchasing a 25 passenger bus over a smaller mini bus, like a 15 passenger, is that for a small increase in price you can carry 11 more passengers at a lower cost-per-passenger price point.

Chassis Differences

Passenger buses are all generally built the same way…by taking what is called a “cut-a-way” chassis and then building the bus body on top of it. From 15 Passengers buses up to 29 passenger buses can be built on Ford’s E-450 chassis. The primary difference between these buses is whether or not you use a V-8 engine or a V-10 engine. The second and most noticeable chassis difference is the stretching of the chassis itself. Once a manufacturer stretches a chassis beyond it’s original 15 passenger length, it allows it to be to used for a bus that carries anywhere from 16 to 29 passengers.

Gas or Diesel Chassis

Another distinction on the chassis difference on the 25 passenger bus is the fuel used on the bus. Historically, diesel has been the better performer for engines in trucks and other over the road vehicles. However, with the most common uses of passenger buses, the gasoline engine is becoming a better option. The gasoline engine, when used and serviced properly, will often get several hundred thousand miles. With the increased price of adding a diesel engine as well as steeper fuel costs at the pump, the gasoline chassis is slowly taking the position as the smarter option.

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