Bus Seating Options to Consider

One of the most important parts of any bus is the seats. Seats are the one thing that your passengers will be in contact with the entire time the bus is in motion. There are several bus seating options available on any bus you purchase. Bus seats come in various shapes and sizes along with various seat fabric choices. Below are some different bus seat configurations and options.

• High Back Seats

High back seats are the most popular bus seat sold today. High back seating offers every passenger the ability to lay their head back on the seat. This comes in handy on long trips.

• Mid Back Seats

Mid back seats are usually used in buses that take shorter trips such as airport shuttles and senior care facilities. Often times mid back seats will come with a grab handle to assist passengers when sitting down or getting up.

Seat Fabric Choices

Another variable with bus seats is the seat fabric used to cover the seats. There are a multitude of seat fabrics used depending on the application. Bus seat fabrics are also often divided into categories such as Level 1 seating or Level 3 seating. The seating level refers to the quality of the fabric with Level 1 being entry level seat fabric and Level 5 and higher being a more expensive fabric. Below are some different seat fabric options.

• Cloth Fabric

This category of fabric is the most common seat covering sold today. There is enough variance in seat fabric choices to meet the needs of just about every single application. These seat fabric choices range from Level 1 to Level 5 and can include faux leather fabric often referred to as “leather-mate” fabric.

• Anti-Microbial & Vinyl

Anti-microbial fabric is most often used in applications where the seats could possibly be soiled. This anti-microbial vinyl seat is used primarily in senior care communities and day care facilities.

If you have questions about what seat fabric options are best for you and your organization, please give us a call today at (800) 370-6180!!

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