Top Selling Buses of 2015

There are changes that have been taking place in the bus sales industry as a whole and specifically in bus sales. There is a trend towards purchasing more units that come equipped with rear storage. The general consensus from bus buyers has been… “it’s better to have the storage area and not use it than to need rear storage space and not have it.” With the price difference between buses with rear storage and those without rear storage being negligible, more purchases are opting for the rear storage units.

Another major trend in bus buying in 2015 is the move to buses that don’t require a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) to operate. In most states, vehicles that carry 15 passengers or less (including the driver) do not require a CDL. However, some states have stricter requirements that do require a CDL for 15 passengers. Check with your state DMV to determine the exact licensing requirements.

With no further adieu,  the top selling buses of 2015 are:

1st Place: The Starcraft Allstar 15 Passenger Bus with Rear Storage

The Starcraft Allstar 15 passenger with rear storage is the big dog of the top selling buses of 2015 for various reasons mentioned above. The rear storage model Allstar is 2′ longer than the standard model with the extra 2′ dedicated to rear storage. This model comes in two versions: rear storage with a wall & rear storage without a wall. The rear wall allows luggage to be in a confined space away from the passengers. However, the rear wall version does come with an interior door that will allow passengers to access the rear storage. This feature allows passengers to access their luggage without having to stop on the roadside.

2nd Place: The Starcraft Allstar 15 Passenger Standard Bus

The Starcraft Allstar 15 standard bus is the second most popular model sold at Carpenter Bus Sales. Just like the 15 passenger bus with rear storage, the standard 15 passenger bus does not require a CDL (check your local DMV for details.) It is cheaper than the 15 passenger bus with rear storage. The standard 15 passenger model features a large rear window that allows the driver to see directly behind the bus without a need to install a rear camera. The standard 15 passenger bus also offers a lower price point for those customers who are price sensitive.

3rd Place: The Starcraft MVP 25 Passenger with Rear Storage

The Starcraft MVP is the newest edition to the Starcraft line of buses. The Starcraft MVP 25 Passenger with rear storage bus is a rising star because of the small cost involved in moving from a 15 passenger to 25 passenger model. With the price cost being negligible, adding 1o more passengers to your carrying capacity is a smart financial investment. One primary consideration is the availability of CDL drivers for your organization. If your organization has enough CDL drivers, the Starcraft MVP is a great option and offers great value for the cost.

If you are in the market for a passenger bus, the previous models are the most popular models purchased by churches, senior care communities, schools, shuttle companies and several other organizations. All three of these bus models are great options depending on your specific needs. If you have any questions regarding what bus is the best option for your specific situation, please give us a call at 800-370-6180 and we will gladly help you make the best decision!!

top selling buses of 2015

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