15 Passenger Van or 15 Passenger Bus?

One of the most dangerous vehicles on the road today is the 15 passenger van. The tragic truth of 15 passenger vans is that thousands of deaths have occurred from riding in this vehicle. This number does not include the number of deaths from other vehicles that have been involved in those wrecks. The reason for the high number of fatalities in due to a couple of different factors that we will address shortly. Carpenter Bus Sales has been an industry leader in 15 passenger buses as a much safer alternative to used 15 passenger vans for sale.

Before you spend several thousand dollars on a new vehicle for your church or organization, you need to make sure you do your due diligence. Making sure you get the right vehicle that is the safest and the most comfortable for your passengers should be what guides your purchase. It is critical to look at the difference between a standard 15 passenger van & 15 passenger bus. After looking at the basic information, you will see the choice is simple…a 15 passenger bus is the safer and more comfortable option.


Feature Comparison


15 – Passenger Van

15 – Passenger Bus

Single Rear Wheels

Dual Rear Wheels

Standard Van Construction

Steel Cage Construction

Lower Safety Ratings

Higher Safety Ratings

Bench Seats

Bucket Seats

Curb-side Aisle

Center Aisle

52” Interior Headroom

74” Interior Headroom

22” High 1st Step

11.5” High 1st Step

No Entry-Assist Handles

Right & Left Hand Entry Assist Handles



1.  It’s no surprise that a 15-Passenger Bus is Safer than a 15-Passenger Van. 

  • This is because a) Dual Rear Wheels significantly decrease the Rollover risk, and b) Steel Cage Construction better protects the occupants in the event of an accident.

2. It’s no surprise that a 15-Passenger Bus is More Comfortable than a 15-passenger Van.

  • This is because of Easier Access, More Headroom, Center Aisle and More Comfortable Seating.

3. What’s surprising is that a 15-Passenger Bus is actually Less Expensive than a 15-Passenger Van!

  • This is because a) Insurance rates are lower, and b) higher residual values at the end of a lease allow for significantly lower lease payments.


15 passenger van feature comparison


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