Alternative Fuel Buses for Sale

One of the most popular trends in the commercial bus buy market is the use of alternative fuels. There are a few different options as it comes to alternative fuels but the two most popular options are propane buses and compressed natural gas (CNG) buses.  The most popular of all alternative fuel buses for sale is propane. One main reason for this is because of the cost of building the alternative fuels filling station. The CNG stations can cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the propane filling station is often free. alternative fuel buses for saleSeveral propane conversion companies will install a propane station for free if you buy three or more propane powered buses.

Today, propane is the number one alternative fuel for the automotive sector, and it powers more than 10 million vehicles in more than 38 countries. The reasons are clear: propane provides a cost-effective, clean, safe and reliable alternative fuel. Plus, more than 90% of all propane used in the United States is produced domestically, reducing our dependence on foreign fuel. Many propane vehicle users have reported 2 to 3 years longer service life, and less required maintenance.  In the future, there will likely be excise tax credits on the cost of fuel, as well as tax credits for the conversion costs. These benefits will help offset the initial costs of going green.

You might be asking…Why should WE consider propane?

  • It’s Clean

Propane exhaust creates 60% to 70% less smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline.

  • It’s Safe & Reliable

Propane has been used as a motor fuel for more than 80 years, and is the third most widely used motor fuel in the world (behind gas & diesel fuel). It has a relatively low working pressure. Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant as gas or diesel tanks.

  • It’s Cost-Effective

With longer vehicle life and lower maintenance, along with the likely tax credits for fuel and conversion costs, going green can actually save you some green!

  • It’s Plentiful

The US has the largest propane storage capacity in the world, as well as an existing infrastructure of pipelines, processing facilities and refueling stations. And propane refueling equipment is very affordable.

  • It’s Produced in USA

More than 90% of all propane used in the US is produced in the US.

If you have more questions regarding alternative fuels, please don’t hesitate to call Carpenter Bus or find your bus sales person today. Call us at 800-370-6180 today!!

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