Using Your Bus for Branding

Aside from the usual reasons that adding a new or refurbished bus to your fleet being a great idea, there may be some reasons you haven’t yet considered.

Yes, you want to offer the best type of transportation right now, which happens to be shuttle bus sales. Yes, you want to provide enough room so your passengers can be comfortable and safe. These are all great reasons, but there’s one you haven’t yet considered: Buses can help you build and expand your brand. How can a bus help with brand recognition?

Here are 7 good ways to use your bus for branding:

1. Make Your Brand Synonymous With Fun

The fastest way to build a brand is let the local community see you out and about at the neighborhood stores and events. Use your bus for fun outings and not just doctor visits and grocery store runs.

2. Make Your Brand More Visible

When you send a bus out for shopping, grocery or a wine tour, everyone out and about that day and evening will see your company’s logo. Consider a ½ or ¼ wrap for your branding.

3. Build Affiliations With Other Local Companies

When you offer services to other senior care or adult day care centers in the area, you have a chance to share your brand with the customers of other facilities. Maybe work with local home healthcare companies and offer them an opportunity to get out of the house.

4. Build More Cross-Marketing Opportunities

By working with other local communities, charities and YMCA’s to provide transportation, you have a chance to reach your wider audience. This service is perfect for wineries, casinos, restaurants, and cultural events.

5. Offer Free Bus Services for Big Events

Large events in your city or state or local conventions may require shuttle services from parking to the event. By putting your buses to work for free (or at a steep discount), you reach a much wider audience. (check your insurance)

6. Give Customers a Voice Through Social Media

By sharing your clients’ experiences on your social media outlets and on your website, you give them the power. When they think they’re being heard, they talk longer and louder. Give a space to share videos, images, and personal accounts

7. Go Where Communities Rarely Go

If you keep doing what everyone else is doing, you’ll get what everyone else is getting. Open your services to the unusual: sporting events, museums, art crawls, and music events.

The more you expand your bus tours, the better your results will be. Don’t be afraid to try new things, because everyone’s always looking for something unique. Most of all, be sure you put the customers first. Give them a voice and make sure that voice is heard. When it comes to marketing your brand, nothing is as inexpensive or as powerful as your brand being seen and expanded by word of mouth from their fun nights out. Using your bus for branding makes sense.

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