Should Your Group Purchase a New or Used Bus?

It’s that time again. Your organization has used its bus for several years, and either your organization has expanded, or the used church bus for sale is in need of retirement. Whatever the case, it has been years since your group has had to decide between purchasing a new or used bus, so the debate must be renewed. If you are leaning towards getting a used bus, then you need some extra information to support your side of the argument and convince the other decision makers. Read on, and learn about the benefits of used vs new, and how easy it is to find used buses.

What are the benefits of used vs new buses?

The biggest benefits of used vs new buses center around the issue of price. Arguably, anything that has been used will cost less than the newer option, especially when it comes to vehicles. With depreciation costs, and long lifespans, it is often more economical for a group to choose a used bus, especially if they are unsure as to how long they intend to keep it. On average, a shuttle vehicle can last between 8 and 10 years, but with good maintenance, it might last between 15 and 20 years.

Other benefits of a used bus over  new buses might include the following:

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • A used bus in good condition is almost like purchasing a new bus, without the added cost.
  • Sometimes with a used bus, you may have more room for negotiation
  • Looking at maintenance records may reveal a good used bus that has been tried and tested

Will we have difficulty finding a good used bus?

carpenter bus salesUnless you live in a very remote part of the country, where bus companies are few and far between to begin with, you should be able to find a bus that is within your price range. Most retailers that have buses for sale opt to have both new and used vehicles in their inventory. However, finding a “good” used bus can often be a little more difficult than finding a brand new bus. It really is an issue of supply and demand. The more people who are looking for used buses, the lower the supply.

Benefits of A New Bus

If your organization has the resources to purchase a new vehicle, you will be able to have certain things not afforded with a used bus, namely peace of mind. The primary difference between new and used buses, besides the price difference, is the warranty on the bus. When you purchase a new bus, it will come with a warranty to cover the entire vehicle. Depending on their age and mileage, some used buses may not have any warranty left and all of the repair costs will be out of pocket. When price isn’t an issue, then choosing new is the way to go.

Buses offer more cost efficient, convenient, and comfortable travel.  Your organization likely needs no convincing that a bus is the best transportation option available to them, but it is up to you to communicate the different options when purchasing a bus. In conclusion, when price isn’t an issue, find the perfect new bus that meets your organizations needs. However, when price is a factor, don’t be afraid to purchase a new bus…just make sure you do your homework on the bus in question before you buy. Good luck and happy shopping!

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