What To Look For When Purchasing A Used Bus

Are you in the market for a used bus for sale? Make sure to treat this purchase with the serious consideration it deserves because if you don’t make a good investment, your business will suffer. Though you may save up front, the repair costs of owning a used bus will inevitably need to be tackled. So, do the best research possible and take the following characteristics of your used bus into consideration before purchase.

You already know to thoroughly inspect the condition of your bus, from the interior to the drive train to the frame. Have each of these been maintained properly by the previous owners? How do the A/C and heating systems work? How about the audio equipment and other interior features? Do the seats show wear and tear? These are all good questions to ask yourself about the condition of your used bus.

Local Service Considerations
If you’re going to take a lower sticker price, do you have the funds to make the necessary repairs? Ensure the professionals you use to service your bus know how to fix the type of transmission and engine inside your used bus. Don’t risk the maintenance personnel you trust only because you failed to properly prepare.

Intended Use
How are you going to use your used bus? Tours around town, airport transfers, cross-country trips? Make sure you select the right bus for the right purpose. Why? Because you will need to install the required amenities if they are not already present. Your riders will expect a certain level of service.

Bus Specifics
Is your used bus gas or diesel, and does it contain air brakes or disc brakes? These are two important questions to keep in mind regarding the specifics of the used bus you want to buy. Disc brakes are easier to operate while air brakes require more training. Diesel busses also come with potentially higher fees such as those from the International Fuel Tax Association.

You need to learn all you can about the history of a used bus. This will tell you how it has been treated thus far. Maintenance, in some cases, is actually more important than mileage. Choose the bus with more miles but a great maintenance record over the bus with low mileage and low maintenance. Ensure that documentation is provided to prove maintenance.

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