Commercial Buses: A Way To Help The Environment

According to the ABA or American Bus Association in a recent report, motor coaches are the most financially and environmentally conscious types of transportation when compared to automobiles, trains and airplanes. As a result, during an increasingly environmentally centric era, motor coaches as well as school vans are becoming popular for transportation.

Fuel & Energy Efficiency
It’s no surprise that buses and coaches are more fuel-efficient that passenger cars. The Department of Energy states that motor coaches emit less carbon dioxide per passenger mile, and they are even seven times more energy and fuel efficient than automobiles. Motor coaches can travel, per gallon of fuel, nearly ten times farther than automobiles. In the year 2010 school buses saved an astonishing $2.3 billion dollars alone.

Highway Congestion Reduction
School buses and commuter busses do a lot to clear up highway congestion. As anyone living in a major city knows, highway traffic becomes increasingly problematic each year. Half of the schoolchildren in the US, for example, or roughly 25 million children are transported using school busses every day. That makes bus travel the most used form of mass transit in the country. Every single school bus replaces about 36 cars on the road. Motor coach transportation on the other hand replaces 57 cars and helps to cut down the $72 billion in lost productivity and unused resources.

Carbon Emissions Reduction
In the last two decades, 60% of carbon emissions results from passenger cars. Passenger cars are seven times less energy and fuel efficient than automobiles due to their increased capacity. Furthermore, they release the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile of any vehicle on the road today.

Fuel Consumption Reduction
Motor coaches can travel 206.6 passenger miles on a single gallon of fuel, compared to 27.2 passenger miles provided by an automobile. For students riding school busses, three million dollars are saved every year due to reduced fuel consumption.

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