How to Select the Right Size Bus For Your Organization

The Right Size Bus

A bus is a big purchase, so it’s important to select the right size bus for your organization. If you select one that is too big you end up paying for more bus than you need. If you go with one that is too small, however, you’ll leave members of your organization behind. Plan properly before your purchase and you will save money.

Start Small
It doesn’t matter if you run a local church or a local tourism business — starting small works best when it comes to selecting what size bus to purchase. Why? Because it’s easier to move up to a bigger bus than to absorb the cost of a bus that isn’t fully used. The same is true for a fleet. Perhaps you need several buses; a bus that sits on the lot simply drains resources, but if you add to your fleet after careful study of demand, you can grow without risking profit.

Does Your Audience Truly Need a Bus?
First of all, you need to determine if a bus is truly what your audience needs. Perhaps your organization is better served by several small vans. The best way to know the level of interest within your organization is to survey your members. It’s important to keep in mind that the needs of each organization are different. Hotels, for example, often partner with nearby attractions to offer shuttle service to patrons that repeatedly frequent the area.

How Big is Your Audience?
The most common size thresholds of buses are 15, 24 and 36-40. Each of these sizes requires that the driver carry a commercial driver’s license or CDL. Study competing organizations to learn their audience sizes and how they accommodate their members. Collect any local data you can in fact, and incorporate this data into your decision on selecting your bus size. If you are unsure, be conservative and go with a smaller size until your organization has grown to make a larger model a sure thing.

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