15 Passenger Bus Safety Tips

Maintaining safety on a bus is not only the responsibly of the driver, but each passenger as well. Read the 15 tips below to understand what you need to do as a passenger to keep yourself and every other passenger safe while enjoying the economical transportation of a bus.

1. If you are riding a bike, it’s important that you ensure to load and unload your bike from the rack on the bus. After these steps are complete, please return the rack to the closed position in order to save the driver the inconvenience of completing the task.

2. If you are using a service animal, it must remain on the floor of the bus throughout the duration of the bus ride and not be out of the control of its owner.

3. Smoking, drinking, eating and littering are not allowed while on the bus.

4. Wheelchair lifts may only be used to de-board or board wheelchair passengers.

5. Rude, intimidating, abusive or otherwise disruptive behavior or language is strictly prohibited.

6. When de-boarding or boarding the bus use caution to ensure the safety of yourself and all other passengers.

7. Damaging the vehicle is strictly prohibited.

8. Small children and infants need to be secured while traveling to prevent injury.

9. Tampering with safety devices, securement devices, windows or emergency doors is strictly prohibited.

10. When the bus is in motion please move about the bus with the utmost caution. Even a small stop can cause the loss of balance and injury.

11. Only board and de-board at designated bus stops. Busses do not make stops requested by passengers that are not on their official route.

12. Keep aisles clear at all times so that passengers may travel about the bus as they please. Blocking an aisle with items like strollers promotes a lack of safety when passengers need to move. Bus drivers will help those in need with this task.

13. Busses that are at their maximum capacity are not allowed to take on additional passengers because these passengers will extend beyond the limit line. Crossing the limit line otherwise is strictly prohibited.

14. Tossing items from the bus or hanging limbs and body parts from the bus is strictly prohibited.

15. Traffic may not be blocked in order to approach the bus; also, passengers should only board the bus in the correct way.

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