Three Simple DIY Bus Maintenance Tips

bus maintenanceA bus is a big investment, and a fleet of busses even more so. As a result, it makes sense to perform proper maintenance. However, when you are running a business it’s easy to cut corners. The problem is that although you might get a little more mileage out of your bus or fleet in the near-term eventually the costs will catch up with you. Read the three simple bus maintenance tips below to get more out of your bus without spending a dime.

Regularly Inspect the Frame
Inspect your bus regularly for loose parts that could increase chassis vibration. This vibration may start small, but it eventually leads to more rapid wear and tear. When your mechanic identifies loose parts, ensure they’re tightened to the proper level for your bus — overtighetning can become its own problem.

Carefully Maintain the Cooling System
The majority of vehicles, including busses, break down due to some type of failure with the cooling system. Do you hear an intermittent squeal? Check the cooling belts for damage. Also, check for spiked levels of silicon, boron, sodium and potassium, which could indicate a coolant leak. How do you do this? A simple oil analysis. Remember, coolant leaks restrict coolant concentration and siphon off antifreeze. Also, make sure the antifreeze to coolant ratio does not exceed 70:30.

Use the Right Oil
There’s a tendency to believe oil is oil, especially when you want to save money. But when it comes to your bus, you could actually spend more avoiding expenditures, particularly on additives like starting aids. Though these shortcuts may help you avoid the problems of using the wrong oil, or not getting it changed frequently enough, they’ll eventually lead to failure of engine parts like the bearings. The right oil prevents repair costs and eliminates the need for additives.

Get to Know Your Bus
Did you know that your bus windows might be different sizes? While windows are not a standard DIY maintenance item, you should be familiar with the differences and operation of the windows on you bus. Each type of bus window has a different type of operation. Check out this video to see the differences.

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