Three Reasons Why Shuttle Buses Makes Sense (And Cents)

three reasons shuttle buses make senseThere’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about Silicon Valley tech start-ups and the shuttle buses they employ to transport their employees into work every day. Some, including protesters in the San Francisco Bay Area, blame the buses (or more appropriately, what they represent) for jacking up real estate prices in the market, subsequently pushing longtime residents from their homes. Others, especially the very companies who have invested in these shuttle buses, extol their environmental merits, with some claiming to keep 120 cars off the road every day.

The truth likely falls somewhere in the middle, as it tends to do. But shuttle buses are nothing new — in fact, they’ve long been helping workers, volunteers, students, church members, senior citizens and other groups of people travel together in large flocks. No matter what happens in Silicon Valley, shuttle buses aren’t going anywhere, you can rest assured. Here’s why:

I.  Studies show shuttles really do cut down on pollution.
Students love college shuttles and minibuses because they save them big at the gas pump, and prevent headaches trying to find a parking spot on campus. Church groups love them because they offer intimate traveling experiences en route to spiritual retreats or simply fun theme parks and water parks. And statistics show that riding public transportation and carpooling can help save 1.4 billion gallons of gasoline annually. Talk about making a difference.

II.  Shuttle buses gives mobility to those who otherwise lack it.
According to recent estimations, by the time 2025 rolls around, about 20% of the U.S. population that’s over the age of 65 is going to be unable to drive. Those who aren’t fortunate enough to have family members to help them get around will have to rely on public transportation — unless they’re in nursing homes, that is. Nearly all types of senior car services look into purchasing a shuttle bus (or two) so their residents can continue their travels well into their golden years.

III.  The safety regulations speak for themselves.
By now, it’s fairly common knowledge that 15 passenger vans aren’t the safest vehicles on the highway. Nearly a third of all passenger van accidents on the roads today are rollover crashes, and an even bigger proportion are single-vehicle crashes. When it comes to putting safety first, larger shuttle vehicles are simply a smarter choice. Institutions constantly on the market for a shuttle bus for sale do so to ensure their autos are as up-to-date as they can be, ensuring maximum safety.
So when it comes time to decide on the right shuttle bus, your organization should send someone to drive plenty of different options in order to find the right one. No matter which vehicle is ultimately purchased, as long as it’s a shuttle, it’s bound to be a crucial component of lasting success.



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