Three Important 15 Passenger Van Safety Considerations

School field trips, church group activities and other outings help young adults expand their minds outside the confines of physical institutions like schools and churches. And senior citizens love their organized trips to local concerts or shopping malls. Often, these kinds of ventures occur in old school buses or 15 passenger vans, because they’re the most economical ways to transport large groups of people. However, it’s important to note that school buses and 15 passenger vans aren’t the same thing at all.

15 passenger vanIn fact, they have completely different safety requirements for both the drivers and the passengers. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of three important 15 passenger van safety considerations you need to know before even embarking on a trip using a used school bus or 15 passenger van. This isn’t meant to be information overload, but the facts are too important to not be taken seriously.

Three Important 15 Passenger Van Safety Considerations

I.  In a 10-year span, there were over 1,500 fatal crashes involving 15 passenger vans.
Try to count up the number of buses and passenger vans you see out on the road today. There probably weren’t a lot, were there? That’s because these unique forms of transport don’t make up a large percentage of vehicles on the highways at all. As such, a number like 1,500 is actually a very serious one. A third of these accidents were rollovers, highlighting exactly how dangerous the 15 passenger vans can be if drivers don’t exhibit the proper precautions when taking them around turns. Always reduce your speed, never make blind lane changes, and be sure to check your vehicle’s tires for proper air pressure before departing on your trip.

II.  Excessive weight can affect a 15 passenger van and cause drivers to lose control.
Whether you’ve invested in one of these vans for a youth group adventure or some kind of field trip, 15 passengers means 15 passengers. A van is not to be used like a regular-sized school or charter bus. If you’re planning to load up on suitcases and other cargo, you might even do well to limit the actual passenger number to no more than 12. The reason is simple: Added weight causes the vehicle’s center of gravity to shift upward and rearward. When that happens, the chances of the van rolling over increase dramatically, as do the chances that the driver might lose all control in the event of an emergency.

III.  Seat belts and proper driver certifications save lives.
Statistics from National Transportation Safety Board show that 15 passenger van crashes are especially deadly for teenagers and senior citizens, simply because they tend to be the age groups that take advantage of those vehicles the most. Always check the seat belts inside the vehicle before embarking on any journey. Older vans might have older buckles that can give out when they’re needed the most, so get them professionally inspected. And when you’re choosing a driver, don’t just choose the most responsible adult. Choose the person with the appropriate certifications and proper licensing.

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