Five Important Facts to Know About Buying A Bus

Before you spend your hard earned money, here are Five Important Facts to Know About Buying A Bus.

I.  Buses that carry 16 passengers or more (including the driver) require a commercial driver’s license to operate. This is a federal law and some states have stricter requirements. Be sure to check with your local and/or state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to verify what you CDL requirments are.


II.  Many of the new buses offered by Starcraft, Glaval Bus as well as Ameritrans offer higher quality speakers, TV-DVD packages, more comfortable seating as well as plenty of storage space. This comes in very handy when taking groups on long trips. These amenities could make all the difference in the comfor of the ride for your passengers.


III.  If you purchase a new vehicle and choose to add a back up camera for your driver, you could see a significant decrease in your insurance premiums. Installing a rear view camera can be done before the bus ever leaves the bus dealership, removing the burden from you.


IV.  Many of the newer bus styles offer foot rests, overhead luggage and Wi-Fi capabilities. This is another thing to consider when buying a bus. Will your passengers benefit from have internet access on your bus? Is having the ability to store purses, backpacks and small carry on luggage important for your passengers? These are questions that need to be asked before you buy.


V.  Bus travel allows room for more personal space for your passengers on long trips. One major complaint auto passengers have is limited legroom and personal space on long trips. Using a shuttle bus offers more personal room and leg space making the trip much more enjoyable for your passengers.


Please have a look at an overview of some of the buses for sale in our inventory or call us at 800-370-6180!



Five Important Facts to Know About Buying A Bus

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