Top Selling Buses of 2013

top selling buses of 2013

In the spirit of the winter Olympics, we thought we’d do some research on our Top Selling Buses of 2013. 2014 is shaping up to be an even better year for us at Carpenter Bus Sales. With not further ado…here are The Top Selling Buses of 2013:

  1. The Gold Medalist – The Starcraft Allstar Para-Transit Bus: this bus does not require and CDL (Commercial Drivers License) and includes seats for 15 passengers including the driver. This bus features vinyl mid-back seats with grab handles which offers an additional level of accessibility for those needing special assistance. The 15 Passenger Para-Transit model is highly desired within the senior care industry, adult day care industry, municipalities as well as church market for those customers who have a contingency of passengers with special needs. The para-transit bus comes with an automatic wheel chair lift that is rated to lift 800 lbs.
  2. The Silver Medalist – The Starcraft Allstar Standard 15 Passenger Bus: this bus is the perfect alternative to the very dangerous 15 passenger vans that are constantly in the news. The 15 passenger bus carries a total of 15 passengers including the driver and does not require a CDL (Commercial Drivers License.) This 15 passenger model is very popular with churches, resorts, hotel shuttles, senior care communities and many other organizations. This model features High Back Berkshire™ reclining seats with retractable seat belts. Another popular feature on the bus is the full length overhead luggage racks. This bus is a proven winner.
  3. The Bronze Medalist – The Starcraft Allstar 15 Passenger Bus with Rear Storage: this model is a subtle upgrade to the standard 15 passenger model. This bus is also a great alternative to dangerous 15 passenger vans. This bus also has High Back Berkshire™ reclining seats with retractable seat belts. The primary difference between the rear storage model and the standard 15 passenger model is the 2′ of dedicated rear storage at the rear of the bus. This bus really shines on long trips when luggage space is at a premium. This bus, like the other two buses, does not require a CDL (Commercial Drivers License.)

In addition to these Top Selling Buses of 2013, the other buses that sell very well are the 26 Passenger Bus, the 25 Passenger Bus w/Rear Storage, the 33 Passenger Bus and the 44 Passenger Bus. Please take a minute and view all of the buses for sale in our inventory.

*While Federal Law does not require a CDL to operate 15 passenger vehicles, please check with your State DMV to confirm this fact.  

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