Ten Things To Do When Shopping For A Bus

There’s no manual for shopping for new or used buses, not the way that there is for shopping for a new or used car. If you are thinking of purchasing a bus for your church group, or for an assisted living center, then you might be feeling a little bit lost. While you might not find a step by step manual, you can find a few tips and tricks. Here are 10 things you want to be sure to do when shopping for a bus.

I.  Ask about available floor plan options.

  • Especially when choosing a new bus, you generally have a wide variety of floor plans to choose from. If there are handicapped people in your group, then choosing a wheelchair accessible floor plan is essential.

II.  Ask about upgrades.

  • Some bus sales centers may be able to offer better seating, or additional A/V equipment for long bus rides.

III.  Find out what the most popular option is for church buses.

  • Church groups and assisted living centers tend to gravitate to different buses than commercial groups do. Ask which buses are popular with groups similar to yours, so that you can narrow down the possibilities.

IV.  Learn the history of any bus for sale that you are considering.

  • To maximize your investment, you will want to choose a bus that has had a regular maintenance history. A bus that has been well maintained will have a longer life.

V.  Compare new and used buses for sale.

  • Some new buses may be as affordable as used buses when you compare the ages of the vehicles and how much mileage is on them. The only way to find the best deal is to consider both used and new.

VI.  Carefully inspect the bus.

  • You wouldn’t buy a car sight unseen. Take some time to look over the interior and exterior of the bus, and get a test drive if possible.

VII. Really consider the mileage.

  • On average, a church will put about 7,000-10,000 miles on their bus each year. When selecting a bus, consider how much travelling you plan to do, and how much life is left in the bus.

VIII.  Consider driver licensing requirements when comparing bus sizes.

  • If you don’t anticipate having a driver who can get their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), then you will be limited in which buses you can consider purchasing. Talk to your bus salesperson about which buses can be operated by your particular driver.

IX. Don’t forget to consider storage.

  • Especially if you intend to take long overnight trips, you will want to choose a bus that has adequate storage, so that your passengers are as comfortable as possible.

X.   Ask about the warranty.

  • Just because a bus is used doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a warranty! Always ask about what warranties are available when comparing buses.

Finding a good bus, whether it’s a mini bus or a 45-passenger bus, may not be exactly like finding a new personal vehicle, but it can be easier than you expected. When browsing buses for sale, just remember to keep this list close by. Following these tips will help you get the information that you need to make a good decision on which buses to pass on, and which might be a good investment.


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