Carpenter Bus Sales is Now Offering Financing For New Churches, Mission Churches and Small Churches

small churchesCarpenter Bus Sales revealed last week at the Southern Baptist Convention a financing plan designed to help new churches, which often have no credit history, purchase transportation. “Carpenter Bus Sales is committed to helping new, mission, and small churches be able to purchase transportation to facilitate ministry,” says Henry Headden, President and Owner of Carpenter Bus Sales. Besides offering competitive rates, Carpenter Bus Sales is using it’s own credit and buying clout to help these churches secure the needed credit approval at rates and terms formally reserved for large, well established churches and companies.

Besides not having enough credit history and/or down payment to buy a bus, one of the biggest hurdles that new churches face is the cost of repairs on an older bus or van. Carpenter Bus Sales has solved this problem in offering these new churches with an industry exclusive 5 years, 60,000-mile warranty. This warranty allows churches to purchase a brand new vehicle and avoid the fear of having their start up budget busted by unbudgeted and unforeseeable repairs.

Having a brand new vehicle provides very reliable transportation to aid in church growth in the short term, while also providing years of safer, more comfortable, and reliable travel for church members of all ages. A new bus also allows these churches to avoid having to buy a 15-passenger van, which are historically unsafe. Compared to a bus, 15 passenger vans are less comfortable and very inconvenient to get in and out of for the senior adult portion of a congregation.

Carpenter Bus Sales is a major provider of new shuttle buses as well as used buses for churches, shuttle service companies, schools, day care centers, and senior care centers. Established in 1953, Carpenter Bus Sales has a long-standing tradition of providing transportation solutions to customers all across the United States and around the world. With their headquarters located in Franklin, Tennessee, Carpenter Bus Sales also has locations in Texas as well as Missouri. Carpenter Bus Sales is one of the largest stocking shuttle bus dealers in the country, with over 200 new and used buses for sale.

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