The Best Bus Warranty In The Bus Industry

Service and warranty can be a real hassle unless your bus dealer is flexible. At Carpenter Bus Sales, we want to make bus warranty work extremely easy for you. In fact, Carpenter Bus is the only bus dealer in the industry to offer an exclusive 5 year/60,000 mile warranty that extends the warranty of both the chassis and the bus body. Call and speak to the bus sales consultant in your state to learn more.

Any new bus that you purchase from Carpenter Bus Sales will have both a chassis warranty and the body manufacturer’s warranty. Of course, your local chassis dealer will take care of the chassis warranty. For body warranty claims, we will allow you to use the service center of your choice in your local area if we determine that they are qualified to do the repairs. Please call our toll free number for an approval number whenever you have a warranty claim. Our warranty administrator will be glad to assist you. It is our intention to make sure the bus is repaired by the responsible party and to supply any parts that are needed to fix the bus. With proper communication, we can approve the warranty repair with the selected service center and get you reimbursed for the pre-approved amount in a timely manner.

We hope this makes your job easier. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to meet your transportation needs. We are your transportation source with over 150 new and used buses for sale along with great warranty plans to go with them. Give Carpenter Bus Sales a call today and let us find the right bus for your situation and receive the best bus warranty in the industry to go with it. Call us at 800-370-6180.

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