Storage Options on Buses

Storage options are just like buses..they come in various shapes and sizes. Here at Carpenter Bus Sales, all of the buses in our inventory come with some kind of storage. Everything from our 15 Passenger Ecomony buses all the way up to our 47 passenger buses come equipped with basic storage. The smallest amont of storage comes in the form of a rear storage space behind the back row of a 15 passenger bus. Any bus can be built to order to have as much storage as you want. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be talking about the standard storage options that come on the most common buses for sale at Carpenter Bus Sales. Rear Storage Area: This is an area (usually 24″)  behind the last row of seats on one side of a 15 passenger bus. This works well for suitcases and carry on luggage. This area can be outfitted with a luggage rack to help secure your bags during travel. Rear Storage: This is and area behind the last full row of seats and extends across the width of the interior of the bus. This storage area is 24″ deep by 92″ wide. This will accommodate plenty of luggage for your passengers. Rear Storage With Wall: This is exactly the same concept as the standard Rear Storage mentioned previously but with a full wall separating the storage compartment and the passenger area.  This area is also 24″ deep by 92″ wide and can be accessed by a door from the outside of the bus or accessed by a door that is within the bus. Both the Rear Storage and the Rear Storage with Wall are full width storage areas while the Rear Storage Area is only on one side of the bus. Overhead Luggage Racks: Some of our buses come equipped with full length overhead luggage racks. This is a perfect place to store purses, backpacks and small carry on luggage. A final storage option is to add a Trailer Hitch to your bus. This of course does not provide storage inside the bus, but does give you almost limitless storage towed behind your bus. Carpenter Bus Sales works with a certified welding company to ensure a great trailer hitch installation. As always, check with your insurance provider regarding modifications to the bus. Any time you are thinking about purchasing a bus, always consult your salesman to determine the best option for storage for your needs. Carpenter Bus Sales would love to assist you in finding the right bus with the right storage options for you. Give us a call today at 800-370-6180.

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