When to Buy a Para-Transit Bus

There are several times when serving our customers that we get asked this question: Should be buy a bus that has wheel chair access or should we buy a bus without wheel chair access? This question could be difficult to answer depending on the specific situation that the prospective buyer is in. It is important, however, to get a good understanding of the differences between a para-transit (also known as wheel chair) bus for sale and a standard bus. To begin with, the floor inside of a para-transit bus are raised floors to accommodate the wheel chair itself.bus for sale On standard buses, the wheel well generally comes up from the floor bus is covered by seats. Which wheel chair buses, this hurdle is overcome. Another difference in para-transit buses and standard buses are seat fabric. In most cases, customers who are looking for a para-transit bus for sale are most often senior living car facilities, adult day care centers and similar organizations. The most popular seat fabric purchased by these organizations is called incontinence fabric. The most popular option on standard buses is level 3 to level 5 cloth seat fabric. Another critical difference in a para-transit and standard bus  is the fact that when adding a wheel chair station to any bus, it will require the removal of five fixed seats to accommodate the wheel chair passenger. Therefore, before purchasing a para-transit bus it is important to ask yourself a few questions to determine if it is right for you. Some questions to consider might be: How many people in our organization are currently using a wheel chair? Do any of these people have their own personal vehicle that they are using for transportation? How many fixed seats do we need in addition to the dedicated wheel chair stations? There are a few other factors that a knowledgable salesman can help you get answers to. We would love to help you make an informed decision on your next bus purchase. We also have over 150 new and used buses in stock with many of which being both para-transit and standard buses. Call us today at 800-370-6180 to talk to a salesman or browse our website at www.carpenterbus.com. We’re sure to have a bus for sale that will fit you perfectly.

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