Multi Function School Activity Buses for Sale

If your organization finds that its time to buy a bus, it is important to understand which bus works best for each particular application. For example, if your church or organization has a day care center that picks up kids from a public school, then the chances are very high that a commercial bus will not legally work for your application. The bus that you might be legally required to purchase (under that particular application) is a Multi Function School Activity Bus. Multi Function School Activity Buses are also referred to as Type A School Buses or M.F.S.A.B. for short. Starcraft Bus and Mobility makes a great M.F.S.A.B. called the Prodigy. The Prodigy bus is a great vehicle for applications like day care centers and private schools. One main distinction to an M.F.S.A.B. is that it is more geared towards transporting small children. Another distinction is that an M.F.S.A.B. comes standard with bench seating as opposed to individual seating. An M.F.S.A.B. can be configured with individual seating, but would have to be ordered from scratch and built at the factory. This process normally will take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete and deliver. The M.F.S.A.B. is also normally built on a different chassis than a commercial bus with a shorter wheel base. It is also not uncommon to see M.F.S.A.B. models come with a wheel chair lift also known as a “Para-Transit.” When you are shopping for Multi Function School Activity buses, but sure to contact your insurance carrier as well as your state department of transportation to ensure that you are purchasing the right vehicle for your application. If you are in the market for a new or used bus, please let Carpenter Bus Sales help you find the right bus for sale today. Feel free to call us at 1-(800) 370-6180 today!!


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