How to Test Drive Before You Buy a Bus

Find the right bus for sale can be a difficult process especially when there isn’t a bus dealership close to your location. Sometimes it is necessary for bus customers to check out a new bus for sale before making a commitment to purchase it. Therefore, Carpenter Bus Sales has developed a program that will allow you to test drive a bus  for a thirty day period for a nominal fee. Here is how it works: If you decide to purchase the vehicle, 100% of the inspection fee will be credited toward the purchase price. If you decide not to purchase the vehicle, return it to our dealership after 30 days, and the inspection fee will be forfeited. If you decide upon another bus for sale, 50% of the inspection fee will be credited toward that purchase. We refer to this program as our Test Before You Buy program. Hundreds of churches and various other organizations across the country have used the very helpful program in finding the right bus for sale. Some of the details that are important regarding the Test Before You Buy a bus program is that it only applies to buses we have in stock. The bus must be picked up in Franklin, TN and returned here if not purchased. The inspection fee, which varies depending on the size of the bus, is due in advance. All necessary driver’s licenses are required on buses over 15 passengers. All of the routine maintenance is to be done and the responsibility of the customer. The program offers 3,000 miles for the thirty day period and there is a fee of $.60/mile for every mile over the allotted free mileage. The insurance on the bus is shall also be provided by the customer and must meet the requirements set forth by Carpenter Bus Sales. Therefore, if you are looking for  brand new buses for sale but want to try it out, then the Test Before You Buy program from Carpenter Bus Sales is the right program for you. If you are in the market for a new or used bus, please let Carpenter Bus Sales help you find the right bus for sale today. Feel free to call us at 1-(800) 370-6180 today!!

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