Long Trips and Large Buses

starcraft xlt busIf you are planning on taking long trips with your church or organization and have a large contingence of people to carry, then a large bus would likely be the best solution.  One major advantage to taking a trip in a large bus is the fact that your whole group can ride together and not be separated into smaller buses. It is much easier to communicate and keep your group together to build community on one large bus. Carpenter Bus Sales offers buses of all sizes…anywhere from 15 to 49 passenger buses for sale. We also carry the top bus brands in the country including Starcraft Bus, Federal Coach Buses as well as Glaval Buses. The average long distance outing is between 200 and 400 miles, which makes riding in comfort a high priority. Some of the features that will make these long trips more comfortable are things like: reclining seats, side slider seats, overhead luggage racks, TV/DVD systems and Altro Safety flooring. Another great feature about all of the buses that Carpenter Bus sales are the interior height on each bus. The average interior height on one of our buses is roughly 80”, which allows for most people to be able to fully stand upright. When you contrast this against trying to move around in a 15-passenger van, the comfort level of a larger bus is considerably greater. However, standing up in any moving vehicle is unsafe and not advised. The reclining seats offer the ability to get a little rest on long trips. Overhead luggage racks allow more foot room, which also makes trips more enjoyable. Another great feature on a large bus is the ability to watch your favorite movies. With a TV/DVD package installed, it can make the longest trips seem much shorter. Large buses make any trip easier on the passengers and more enjoyable for everybody. If you are in market for a bus for your church or organization, Carpenter Bus Sales has plenty of large buses for sale. Please feel free to give us a call today or take some time to view our new and used buses for sale!

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