The Value of a Great Bus Parts Store

Finding bus parts for your commercial or church busshuttle-bus-parts-store should be simple and pain-free. When trying to locate bus parts for your particular vehicle, it helps to work with a company that services all makes and models of shuttle buses.  At Carpenter Bus Sales in Franklin, TN we sell bus parts for just about every manufacturer. We have a large inventory and have access to any part you need to get your new or used bus back on the road. Smaller shuttle bus companies don’t often have the resources to staff a location with a full bus parts store.  They are forced to get their bus parts from third party companies rather than going direct. At Carpenter Bus Sales, we have relationships with all major bus manufacturers and can get you the part you need within days (depending on the bus manufacturer’s availability.) Carpenter Bus even has a top tier service department who can install the part for you.

Our parts department has decades of experience and can help you find any bus part even if you don’t know what it’s called. We service all major bus brands including but not limited to Starcraft Bus, Federal Coach Bus, Glaval Bus, Elkhart Coach, Turtle Top, Champion Bus, Krystal Koach and many more. IF you are looking for a part for your bus, simply visit our online bus parts store. Whether you need the smallest bus part like a bulb for a teardrop market light or something as large as a rear bumper, Carpenter Bus Sales Parts department can get it for you. We know buses and we know bus parts. Carpenter Bus Sales is your trusted source for bus parts. We look forward to helping you get your bus back up and running in a timely manner. Please feel free to give us a call today or take some time to view our new and used buses for sale!!

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