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For those who are trying to figure out exactly how to get started buying a bus, we have created our 2014 Bus Buying Guide. It is a great resource that will help you answer questions you need to be asking before you make an investment on a new bus. As a BONUS, we are offering BELOW PUBLISHED PRICING as well. Please take a minute to fill out this short form to download the guide which includes: full color brochures, full HD videos and the Preferred Pricing List.


I.  Industry Leading Pricing.

Carpenter Bus Sales is a leading transportation provider of bus sales for shuttle services, schools and universities, senior care facilities, hotels and resorts, and child care facilities as well as being America’s #1 Church Bus Dealer.  Carpenter Bus Sales is the exclusive bus provider of Lifeway. With over 200 new & used buses for sale at all times, we are confident we have a reliable bus that will fit just about any budget. We have been in business since 1953 and have sold buses into every state in America and several countries around the world. Maintaining the nation’s largest commercial bus inventory allows us to buy our buses in bulk, passing on valuable savings to you.


II.  Largest Inventory in the United States.

Most bus dealers in the United States only carry  between 5 and 10 buses in stock at any given time. With 200+ buses for sale in our inventory, Carpenter Bus Sales has positioned itself as the biggest and best commercial bus dealer in the country. With such a large inventory of buses, we can meet just about any need you might have in a prompt manner at a fair price.


III.  Industry Leading Bus Warranty.

Carpenter Bus Sales is proud to provide the nation’s best bus warranty on our new buses. Our warranty goes beyond the traditional 3 Years or 36,000 mile warranty on the chassis. It also extends beyond the standard body warranty, which normally is 1 year or 12 miles (depending on bus builder.) With an extended bus warranty, you can drive your bus with confidence.


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  • About Our Small Buses

    Small buses are the perfect alternative to 15 passenger vans. With the price of a new 15 passenger bus being only slightly more than a new 15-passenger van, it makes since to purchase a bus. One key consideration is safety. 15 passenger buses are proven safer vehicles. Another critical factor is comfort. With a center aisle and 80” interior height, folks of all ages can move around with comfort and ease. See more 15 passenger buses for sale.

  • About Our Mid-Size Buses

    When a 15 passenger bus isn’t enough, a 26 passenger bus is worth considering. Our 26 passenger bus is the most popular bus for sale in our inventory. The very small cost difference between a 15 & 26 passenger bus is certainly worth it to your organization. One issue to consider, however, is buses over 15 passengers require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL.) Confirm this with your local authorities. See more of our mid-size buses for sale.

  • About Our Large Buses

    When you have a large congregation or group to carry, using multiple 15 passenger vehicles may not be the best option for you. With a large 30 passenger bus or something even bigger, you can carry all of your passengers in the same vehicle. There are plenty of reasons this is a good idea but two to consider are: one fuel bill instead of paying for multiple vehicles and having all of the people arrive at your destination at the same time. See more of our large buses for sale.


    carpenter bus salesUsed Buses for Sale

    The single most popular request we get is for used buses. Great used buses are often hard to come by, but Carpenter Bus Sales has an extensive reach to be able to find used buses that will often meet the needs of just about any application. We also have a world class bus reconditioning facility that allows us to take buses that are less than desirable and turn them into a safe, great quality vehicle. If you need a used bus please fill out the form above and our Used Bus Manager – John Maines, will help you find the right vehicle for your needs. See our Used Buses for Sale.

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